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Not for us, but BY us. We ARE the Black Autism Community. And together with you, Our Tribe seeks equity and  justice for our children, our families, and ourselves. We got this. 


Autism, also known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a developmental disability caused by differences in the brain. People with autism interact, communicate, behave, and learn in ways that are different from others. This includes a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication, and social skills. However, the abilities of people with autism largely vary. 

As children become adolescents and adults, people with autism may have difficulty communicating with peers, developing and maintaining friendships, or understanding what behaviors are expected at school or work. ASD lasts throughout a person’s lifetime, but symptoms can improve overtime.

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Our Tribe is a grassroots initiative created by members of the Black Autism Community to uplift our families and mitigate the poor outcomes that disproportionately affect Black people diagnosed with autism. By building a community of love and support, we intend to empower families and ignite a movement that promote the equity and justice that we deserve. 


In 2022, Our Tribe became the proud recipient of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Grant. This grant is specifically designed to support community leadership and drive change towards racial equity in Cincinnati. 

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Kai. Sadie. Hillary. Max. Jadhiel.

These are the names of the children of the co-founders and community advisory board members for Our Tribe. We are passionate about the Black Autism Community because we are the Black Autism Community and we recognize that our community and children deserve much better than we have gotten. Our Tribe is our effort to provide the love, support, and understanding that many in our community have missed, and to initiate a movement that leads to systemic changes that close the gap in outcomes for the Black children and adults diagnosed with autism. 


The infinity symbol logo was chosen by Our Tribe in response to feedback from the autism community and the autism rights movement. It represents pride in autism and a shift toward viewing autism as a “difference” rather than a “disease”. 

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Executive Board

our fOCus

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ouR executive boaRd

Vanessa White

Portfolio Lead, Community Race Equity and Community Solutions, Inc. 

When systems are inequitable, people get stuck in them. I have long since been called a fair advocate. It takes longer for Black children with autism to get diagnosed and services appropriately. This is not or just. I support Our Tribe because it will help Black children receive the treatment they deserve. 

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Ryan Adcock

Center for Patient and Family Experience Director at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital

My nephew Ricky is both Black and autistic. He's also one of my very favorite people. I love that Our Tribe is thinking about his unique experiences, unique needs, unique joy and unique power. 

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Whitney Taylor 

Talent Acquisition Success Manager at Employment Process Group 

It is important; for the sake of my nephew and those who share similar stories that I am a part of the fight that brings awareness to this community; helping to remove the barriers that separate Autistic children from opportunity until they are afforded the rich and fulfilling lives they deserve. 

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Trey Williams

Owner and Operator of Supra Training LLC 

Equity and justice for the Black Autism Community is extremely important to me.  Being a Black man in America, I know that we are continuously fighting for what our community rightfully deserves. Having an autistic nephew is motivation to want to be at the forefront of the fight for his right to a free and equitable life as well.

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our Passion

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