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 The Black Autism Community is rising from the shadows.

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For too long, institutions and a society that does not prioritize black health and wellness have led to unjust disparities in the diagnosis, treatment, life expectancy, and overall outcomes for Black people with autism.

enOugh IS enOugh.

The existing disparities for the Black Autism Community did not occur by accident. They are the result of the systemic racism present in institutions across the board that devalue Black lives. Black Autism Families deserve better. A substantial piece of Our Tribe's work will involve lobbying for policy and system changes that could substantially alter the existence of caregivers and persons with Autism in our state. 

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By building a community, empowering families, and promoting research that prioritizes Black people, Our Tribe will ignite a movement that puts these systems on alert and promotes the kind of policy and systemic change necessary for closing the autism gap.

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